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Underwear Gift Cards by Etseo.

Give it at an upcoming birthday party, on Christmas night, as Valentine's, honeymoon or bachelor party gift. As a wedding anniversary gift. Surprise a friend and allow him to choose some festive boxer Briefs, sporty Trunks or a more provocative bikini thong. You will have plenty of opportunities to offer one of ours Men's Underwear Gift Cards.

How to use the Etseo Gift Cards

  • After ordering an Etseo Gift Card you will receive an email with a code that can be used in one or more orders.
  • The gift card code is valid for two years.
    • The Gift Card owner must place a normal order and enter the Gift Card code into the "Gift Card or Discount Code" field at checkout. A discount on the value of the Gift Card will be automatically applied to the order.
        • What if the value of the gift card is not fully used in one order?

        The gift card code remains valid and the remaining value can be used again until the expiry date.

            • What if the value of the Gift Card is not enough to fulfil the desired order?

            The Gift Card owner will be invited to pay the remaining amount using one of the payment methods available in our shop.