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High Quality Men's Underwear

Etseo manufactures high quality men's underwear. We use stylish, aesthetically pleasing fabrics of the highest technical quality to produce products that reflect our core principles of Quality, Durability and Elegance. The colours, patterns and textures applied to each of our products are carefully selected, and the meticulous manufacturing process follows semi-traditional methods to produce pieces that are luxurious, elegant and pleasing to wear.
We design and manufacture our products in Lisbon; we sell to Europe and the world. Our mission is to raise the bar globally when it comes to the quality and luxury of men's underwear.

Equal Rights for Men and Women

We believe in gender equality; equal rights and opportunities. We reject sexist stereotypes and toxic masculinity, and our products reflect this vision. And in addition, men, not just women, have the right to choose and use beautiful, elegant and high-quality underwear.

Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion

We believe passionately in “Slow Fashion” and that's why all Etseo men's underwear is exclusively made using high-quality raw materials sourced from European companies that comply with the European Union's environmental and labour regulations. All of our fabric suppliers must be OEKO-TEX certified.
Etseo products are designed to have a long lifespan and withstand many cycles of use. Our aim is that any product we manufacture should last at least 3 years, under normal usage, and we strive to delay its end-of-life as much as possible. Such an ambitious objective is no mean feat considering we are talking about underwear!

We collaborate with local manufacturers to produce our products and insist on paying a fair price to those who work on them. We pride ourselves on our non-discriminatory internal policies. We believe that we can combine our commercial ambition with environmental protection, the responsible use of resources, and ethical working practices through innovative, modern and globally minded management. We manufacture locally, but we think globally.


We go all out to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging, so we carefully wrap our products using just a simple, light sheet of paper. All of our packaging, both for the products themselves, and for their delivery, are 100% Paper and 100% plastic-free. The products are wrapped using 100% FSC certified paper, which is also 100% recyclable. The secondary packaging, used for delivery, is 100% paper based and 100% recyclable as well. All of our tape and adhesive products are paper-based.

B2C and B2B Business Model

Our core business is direct to the consumer via an online ‘Business to Customer’ (B2C) model, but achieving 30% of our sales through a ‘Business to Business’ (B2B) network of distributors and retailers is also a short-term goal. We have an established communication channel for B2B sales at B2B@etseounderwear.com.

The Brand

The ETSEO brand was born in Lisbon, the most westerly capital city in Continental Europe. Facing due west, the Atlantic Ocean is our inspiration, and that is why we chose the Portuguese word for west (oeste) to represent the ETSEO Brand. You will, however, have to read it backwards: ETSEO | OESTE.


ETSEO is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK of Trivial Notes, Unipessoal Lda in all countries of the European Union and in the United Kingdom.

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WhatsApp (messages only): +351 937 789 021
Postal Address: Rua Damasceno Monteiro 39 - 3 D - 1170-110 Lisboa - Portugal
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